Shanghai BES Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Why choose us

Quality is the brand, and the work is wonderful!

Shanghai BES Industrial Development Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Shanghai in 2008. It is the first domestic enterprise engaged in the research and development of ecologically permeable roads  and  undertaking projects. Mainly engaged in floor system design, manufacturing, paving construction and technical services.The total supplier of permeable pavement at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Shanghai Disneyland in 2016, World Trade Center Shenkeng Hotel in 2018. BES engineering footprints all over the country, abroad across Southeast Asia, the current cumulative construction area.More than 15 million square meters, 3,000 cooperation projects, of which permeable floor products ranked in the country's top three, won the praise of the end customers!

Our advantage

Quality is the brand, and the work is wonderful!

Excellent product quality

With its own standardized production plant area, the annual output of materials is 10 million square meters. Introducing US core materials, strict quality inspection, and excellent quality

Professional service system

Landscape garden, theme customization; quality main material, factory direct supply. Standard process, rigorous construction; floor specialist, worry-free service

Rich construction experience

Ten years of focus, construction area of more than 15 million square meters, cooperation customers more than 3,000 US construction technology, professional floor construction equipment, team regular training and certification

Famous school R&D authority certification

Tongji University, Jiaotong University, Wuhan University of Technology technical cooperation.Authoritative certification of multi-domain and multi-products, focusing on green ecological pavement research and development

Let global buyers find you

BES adheres to the corporate culture of “innovation, quality, integrity, cooperation and win-win” and the core values of “continuously surpassing”. The cooperative customers have spread all over China's provinces and cities and even Southeast Asia, and gradually extend to countries such as Africa and America to achieve the global expansion strategy of the company. 

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